Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

The image was previously taken on 09/20/2021 at the crash scene

Troy Byrer a 37-year-old Electrician has been finally caught & taken into police custody after a wild intense pursuit.

Troy Byrer is not a first-time offender, he is a felon in the Justice System. Troy Byrer has been previously placed under arrest for three charges; Reckless Driving 8(22), Intentional Damage to State Infrastructure 15(08)A, Felony Evading A Peace Officer 8(32). Troy Byrer has multiple citations also on his record, Byrer is an overwhelming concern to the safety of all citizens of San Andreas.

Law Enforcement Officers received a call over the radio from Firefighters at Station 2 stationed in Sandy Shores (Blaine County). Firefighters reported a black vehicle with a wing speeding past the station. Officers responded to Station 2 to ensure the safety of all civilians. Officers returned back onto the streets as Station 2 called in saying the same vehicle stopped and performed a “Drive-By” shooting on Station 2. Officers immediately responded over to Station 2 to ensure the safety of all fire personal and the equipment.

When Officers arrived on the scene they secured the premises and reviewed footage from Station 2’s CCTV footage. That footage revealed a partial plate on the vehicle that performed the shooting, which led investigators to land on Troy Byrer as the main suspect. Immediately after revealing Troy Byrer is our main suspect, BOLO’s were placed on Troy Byrer’s vehicles and name, alerting anyone upon interaction.

Shortly after that BOLO was placed on Byrer, Director Brian C. caught Byrer on his ALPR which triggered an alarm, Director Brian flipped around and followed Byrer, which is when Byrer ensued a high-speed pursuit through the streets of Blaine County. Byrer got his Black Toyota Camry up to 117 MPH while managing to dodge all other vehicles. Byrer attempted to lose units in the pursuit by firing his pistol at Officers while driving at these reckless speeds.

Officers in the pursuit immediately went into tracking mode to ensure the safety of all civilians of San Andreas. When Byrer got a visual of the units in the pursuit he attempted to speed up to avoid the units, however, Byrer collided in a “head-on” collision directly in front of the 24/7 location on Route 68 in Harmony. The driver of the vehicle that Byrer struck was examined by medical and was cleared shortly after. Byrer was able to climb his way out of the driver seat of his vehicle and he tried to escape on foot from the authorities.

Byrer pointed his firearm at Director Brian C. which is when Director Brian fired his service weapon back at Byrer leaving him with no choice other than to eliminate the current threat Byrer was posing. Byrer was outfitted in a black vest covering his chest and a mask full face mask. Director Brian got multiple shots fired off onto Byrer, however all of the shots hit Byrer’s bulletproof vest he was wearing, however, it did bring Byrer to the ground struggling to move. He was handcuffed and medical rolled on the scene to assist the situation.

Medics on scene were quickly able to give Byrer assistance and transported him to Sandy Shores Medical Center. He was later released back to the Sheriff’s Office and booked on multiple felony charges. His five charges include; Drive-By Shooting 9(07), Reckless Driving 8(22), Attempted Murder 1(04), Resisting a Peace Officer 4(09), Felony Evading A Peace Officer 8(32). Byrer managed to get 2 additional felonies, and 3 misdemeanors to his record.

Byrer has not been scheduled for court as of today yet.

We were able to interview multiple people who witnessed or partook in this event;

“I was the responding Deputy who reviewed the CCTV footage at Station 2, created the BOLO, and was the first unit who saw suspect on the streets. During this dangerous pursuit, the suspect fired several shots onto my vehicle, which is when I backed off and told all other units to stay back and we went into a tracking phase… Once the suspect tried to escape us, he collided with a local right in front of the 24/7 here on 68. I ordered the suspect out of the vehicle, that is when he climbed out and he stood there, I directed him to place his hands up and go on his knees, which is when he started to run off from the scene and he reached for his firearm he had in his waistbelt and pointed it at myself. He did infact fire 3 shots off in my direction, however all shots missed myself and any other object. That is when I had to fire off my pistol and he fell to the ground… When medical arrived they gave him medical assistance where he later transported to the Sandy Shores Medical Center and treated for multiple fractured ribs. He was then released to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office custody and booked in the Sheriff’s Station.”

– Director Brian C. 1A-01

“I was working at the 24/7 on Route 68 in Harmony. It was a slow night so I was on my phone and I saw the news about the chase. I was watching the live feed and I saw they were on 68 so I was standing by the door and I saw the vehicle and all the cops come speeding by and I saw the accident right before my eyes, it was crazy!”

– 24/7 Clerk

This photo was taken at Troy Byrer’s first crash scene when he was previously arrested

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